Purchase Loans

When protecting your family from stress is important, look to me.  Experienced professional keeping attention on protecting your deposit by closing your loan on time.  No one wants to be stuck in a motel with a moving truck full of their stuff.

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Debit Consolidation

ASK for your professionally calculated financial overview of cash flow and savings over time to see if refinancing your home is the right choice  for you.

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Specialty Financing

• Jumbo financing up to 95% LTV
• Stated income – owner and non-owner occupied
• Construction lending
• Commercial financing
• Private money
• Bank Statement income verification
• 1 day after Foreclosure/Short sale/BK
• Lines of credit

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On time personalized service that is relative to your life situation

On time personalized service that is relative to your life situation, with attention on your future plans.  That is client service to me.  I have funded many loans for the children and grand children of my clients and friends.  Rarely does a week go past that a client from years past does not call with a need or just a question, and that service is what I have been providing to people for over 30 years.

Be wary of on line Mortgage and Real Estate companies.  They are not part of our community and only want your money not to have a relationship with you and your family.

The Mortgage and Real Estate industries are one of the few opportunities to keep local business local these days.  Big business employ cheep labor in call centers and spend what used to go to local people on fancy adds to take every bit of business they can.


Next Steps…

Your best next step is to set up a consolation with me.   It is a simple process.  I promise you that it will be time well spent and that our time together will better your life.

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